The Sovereign Psyche with Ezrah Aharone

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Ezrah Aharone's book, asserts that The Sovereign Psyche comprises the necessary intellect and willpower that materializes what Aharone defines as the "3 Dimensions of Sovereignty," which are: Self-Authentic Freedom, Government, and Development... All of which must operate inter-connectedly, since failures or disruptions in one will render shortfalls in the others.

During our talk with Aharone, we explore the concept of "Freedom to"/"Freedom from" which Aharone uses to describe two primary streams in African thought and practice in the United States; the freedom to become Americans juxtaposed against freedom from Americanization. We also have an in-depth discussion on the definition of sovereignty and Ezrah talks about what he calls the unprincipled relationship between Africans in the United States and Europeans who call themselves Americans.

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