The One Life Vibration with Hip Hop Artist
Raggo Zulu Rebel - Part 1

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As a hip-hop artist and Rastafari living in London, Raggo Zulu Rebel has a culturally rich and balanced delivery throughout his catalog. His style is familiar to Africans all over the world because he addresses our everyday, lived experiences from complications caused by police occupation to day-to-day activities such as going to the grocery store or hollering at that girl/guy you been checking out!

This interview was over 2 hours long and filled with jewels of wisdom! We talk with Raggo about his experiences as a Rastafari and how he uses the principles of the Rastafari in everyday life and his music career. We also discuss his creative process when producing an album and his ultimate decision to use music as a means to advance Pan-Africanism and African self-determination. Raggo discusses his growth as a music artist and in his work with youth groups, books that have influenced his worldview, and much, much more!

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