African Culture Personified at Its Best, A Dialogue with The Vi-tal ITAL FRESH!

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What does it take to run a successful business? More succinctly, what does it take to take run a successful African centered business in EUROPE?!!! Is it possible to maintain your principles while growing your market? The creators of Ital Fresh, a Caribbean, vegan, and street food popup restaurant, Poppy and Iras DanJahDan (RU1 Fam), would answer all these questions by saying hard work, integrity and commitment!

In this interview we had one half of the Ital Fresh team on the line, Iras DanJahDan. During our discussion we analyze the important question of creating African centered institutions that consider the particular history and culture of African people. Iras discusses the various challenges and rewards of operating Ital Fresh and their commitment to offering authentic Caribbean style dishes using fresh foods. We also talk about Ital Fresh's contribution to creating an African modernity through their cuisine and the creative space they offer the community. Don't miss this inspiring and thought-provoking conversation!

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