Black Laws, Black Land for Black People: All Black Everything with Dr. João Costa Vargas

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This interview is entitled "Black Laws, Black Land for Black People...." because we visited João in Austin, Texas to talk about his piece Black Disidentification: The 2013 Protests, Rolezinhos, and Racial Antagonism in Post-Lula Brazil. Using this piece as the basis of our dialogue, our discussion centered on the importance of independent Black institutions and culture. 

We address the fallacies and limitations of the Black Lives Matter movement, the rise of consumerism in Brazil, the role of academia in society, the pitfalls of multi-racial coalitions for Black people, culture, the role of sports as an imperialist tool, and the benefits of doing structural analysis. 

We always enjoy having João on our show because he has a very multi-dimensional analysis which stems from his experiences as an African who has lived in many places throughout the world. You will greatly benefit from hearing his analysis as well!

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