Destroying & Rebuilding with Cyclonious The Natural Disaster

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What comes to your mind when you think of cyclones? Maybe buildings destroyed, debris everywhere, overturned automobiles, things like that right….? What is the first thing that needs to be planned after a cyclone hits…? How to rebuild of course!

In this unabridged interview we talk with Cyclonious The Natural Disaster! Cyclonious is a hip-hop artist from London whose lyrical style and content embodies the effects of a cyclone. He describes his style as a flow which “emerged to destroy and rebuild this now weak foundation of so called good music.”

We talk with Cyclonious about his chosen name, African nationhood as it relates to his work as an artist, the corporate cooptation of hip-hop, how he infuses the message of Pan-Africanism into his music, censorship and control from major record labels, and the fulcrums of revolutionary change. This is an awesome interview filled with laughs, lessons, and important analysis. You definitely want this one in your media library!

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