Is Apartheid Really Dead?: Interview with Dr. Julian Kunnie - Part 1

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Since apartheid, as enforced by the South African National Party, ended in 1994, Azania (South Africa) has been hailed as a “Rainbow Nation” whereby democracy has prevailed and all colonial legacies have been resolved. However, in reality, the new ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has continued on the path of capitalism with a “pro-bourgeois dispensation that adheres to the dictates of global market forces.”

In his book Is Apartheid Really Dead? Pan Africanist Working-Class Cultural Critical Perspectives, Dr. Julian Kunnie, professor of religious, Latin American, Middle Eastern and North African studies at the University of Arizona, has written a detailed account of the true policies implemented by the post-apartheid government and how they negatively affect the majority of African people living in Azania.

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