Opportunities, Obstacles, and Prospects in Venezuela with
Leo Lameda

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On June 17, 2013 thru June 27, 2013, C-101 editors went to Venezuela to get a firsthand account of Venezuela post Chavez. In our extensive travels throughout the country, we saw a politically astute people that were shaken by the death of Chávez but not bowed, and were determined not only to maintain all the progress that was made under Chávez’s leadership, but to take that progress to the next level.  During out stay, we had an extensive conversation about contemporary Venezuelan history, a Chávez-led Venezuelan government, and the future of Venezuela post Chávez with interpreter/fixer/translator Leo Lameda. Leo was our focal point during our sojourn into Venezuela, is fluent in three different languages (Spanish, French, and English), works with Global Exchange, and is extremely knowledgeable about the political economy of Venezuela.

You'll want to hear this full interview particularly because Leo's descriptions of Venezuelan history and current political economy provide valuable insight in understanding the struggle the Venezuelan people are contending with from the so-called "international community."  Check it out today!

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