Wielding Words Like Weapons With Ward Churchill - Part 1 of 3

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Sagacious, trenchant, and decisive are just a few ways to describe the writings of American Indian Movement activist–intellectual Ward Churchill. Informed by praxis, Churchill’s decades of work demonstrate a keen understanding that the fulcrum of the world’s political–economic contradictions are found in attenuating indigenous people’s political–economic independence and creating a helotized population.

It was/is colonialism (settler colonialism in the case of the Americas), that lies at the heart of the current world’s misery, and any analysis to the contrary is not only unrealistic, but utterly naive and puerile. While others with the same level of Churchill’s public notoriety are content to vacillate in their commitment to decolonial struggle, and genuflect with imperialism without the slightest bit of ignominy, he—understanding the exigencies of TRUE decolonial struggle—has resolutely held true to the veracity of this analysis through the decades via the solemnity of his work. His book Wielding Words Like Weapons: Selected Essays In Indigenism, 1995-2005, is a primary example of his fidelity.

In this Unabridged Interview, not only do we continue our insightful dialogue with Ward Churchill about his book Wielding Words Like Weapons, but we go into detail about constitutive and various aspects of colonialism and its effects on indigenous people, such as pseudo-scientific claims used to colonize American Indians, how Adolf Hitler used the policies created by the United States to exterminate American Indians to facilitate the Jewish holocaust, and much more.

You don’t want to miss out on this epigrammatic dialogue!

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