Wielding Words Like Weapons With Ward Churchill - Part 2 of 3

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We continue with part two of our three-part dialogue with Ward Churchill regarding his august book Wielding Words Like Weapons: Selected Essays In Indigenism, 1995-2005, but this is the Unabridged Interview!

So, if you heard our podcast episode 52, we know you heard an abridged discussion about: Indigenous people in Western cinema—specifically we discuss the functionality of pejorative depictions of Indigenous people in cinema to the settler colonial project known as the Americas—its effects on Indigenous people, and opened the door on the discussion on postality (i.e. post–colonial, post–racial, post–modernism, etc.), and why it is meretricious.

Well get ready to hear the complete analysis when you get part two of this series, because you haven’t heard the half of it!

You don’t want to miss out on the complete puissant dialogue!

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